Nas Campanella is a journalist and radio newsreader with the ABC and Triple J.

She lost her sight when she was six months old. Nas also has a sensitivity condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth which means she can’t read Braille.

Winning an ABC cadetship in 2011, Nas spent her first year news gathering and reading in Bega at ABC South East, where seh met her now husband, ABC newsman Thomas Oriti.

In 2013 Nas joined the Triple J where she produces, writes, sources, and reads the news several times a day.

‘The fact that I have a vision impairment is nothing to me – but it’s something that other people have found a bit confronting so it’s nice to be able to get people come around to the idea,” she says.

“I became a journalist because it’s what I love to do but it’s also nice to know I can help break that mould and hopefully get other people with disabilities employed as well.”

During a three minute news bulletin, Nas has four streams of audio simultaneously feeding through her headphones:

The JAWS speech program, which translates the news story into audio for Nas to repeat

  • Her own voice reading out the news
  • A clock telling her exactly when to start and finish- as news segments are required to be exactly 3 minutes
  • And audio snippets that have been packaged before going on air to be included in a story

Nas’s studio is equipped with strategically placed Velcro patches-allowing her to operate her own panel.

Nas sees many things and will leave a mark on all those who meet her at the Festival of Open Minds.