Anyone interested in innovation, sustainability, invention, and design, and how to get communities thriving with ideas needs to be at the Festival of Open Minds to hear and see Aly Khalifa speak.

And innovative design guru Aly will enlighten and excite those gathered, as he discusses, encourages and inspires us towards, an ‘Inventive Culture’.

Aly will reflect on his experiences of nurturing a culture where creative ideas bubble and people thrive to solve compelling problems. Examples span large civic projects to commercialising new inventions.

Aly’s time and energy at the moment is focused on harvesting plastic waste from our oceans to turn it into useful products for the circular economy.

“I am focussed on removing existing ocean plastic and stoping the flow of new plastic into the oceans to support a long-term goal of a plastic-free ocean,” he says.

“I want to connect the business community with verified sources of ocean plastic material around the world, and work to remove two million tons of ocean plastic and transform it into sustainable products.”

Aly is an innovator focused on social impact and sustainability.

His training as both a designer and mechanical engineer, coupled with deep international manufacturing experience, has enabled him and his team at Designbox to launch products for some of the most recognised consumer brands.

His work has been celebrated internationally, he’s an Eisenhower Fellow, and has garnered more than two dozen patents.

“I’m a product innovator and creative entrepreneur. Over time my wife, Beth, and I have realised that we keep gravitating towards and nurturing inventive culture,” Aly says.

Inventive culture is about establishing an environment where creative people thrive – an ecosystem that leads them to create new works.

“We are committed to fostering a creative community both locally and globally,” he says.

“We work on projects that propel ideologies, systems, experiences, and products forward in a way that makes the world better. We have a core mission of sustainability and are working on innovative, groundbreaking materials and processes throughout every design.”

Aly Khalifa is in Australia during 2019 as ‘Expert in Residence’ at iAccelerate and appears at the Festival of Open Minds thanks to the Bega Valley Innovation Hub.